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6 Easy Ways to Crack Placement in College


easy ways to crack the placement

Article by- Ashi Garg

6 Easy ways to crack the placement The campus placement season will start in the next few week and I hope all the students who’re eligible for campus placements; the ones who are in Final Year have chalked out a plan to prepare for the placements. Only the best of the best will have the chance at grabbing the jobs and that means, the ones who start preparing earlier will be ahead of the competition.

However, preparing for a placement process is not the same as preparing for an exam and students should make that they do everything in their capability to perform well. Following are a few tips that can be followed to prepare well for the campus placement process:-

  1. Keep in touch with the placement officers:

easy ways to crack the placement

All colleges have a placement officer who organizes and schedules the placement drives and keeping constant contact with them will keep you in the knowhow of the companies coming to your college for placements.

2. Be sure with the field of work you want to join:

It is very important to be clear about what kind of job you want and go for placements for the companies that are offering profiles matching you interest. Going for every placement drive will be waste of time it is not what you are looking for.

 3. Dress smart: 

  • Make a good first impression. While dressing, aim for a business casual style. Since this is not a job interview, you do not need to be over professional, but you must come across as smart, confident, neat and clean, and put together
  • Moreover, selecting what you wear should also depend on the course you are applying for. While a B-school interview may call for polished, western formals, you might do better choosing innovative designs and good fabrics when appearing for a fashion course interview.

4. Prepare yourself for aptitude tests:

Most companies that come from placements to colleges have various rounds that shortlist candidates and aptitude tests are very commonly used for short listing in the first round. Practicing in aptitude tests will help you perform better and advance to the further rounds.

5. Do not get Demotivated:

If you cannot answer all the questions and do not panic under any circumstances. Sometimes Interviewers ask hard questions.  It is ok. After you answered correctly one complexity question during the interview of a particular company, the Interviewer brought up some new research being done in the field and mocked you for not knowing enough. Sometimes they ask all sort of questions which are probably too hard for an under grad student. It is just to know if you are well prepared and have an interest beyond what is taught at your college.

6. Reach the interview venue on time:

Late comers are not appreciated by the interviewers and it always better to reach the venue 10-15 minutes before the time allotted to you.


Following these simple tips will guarantee a good performance in the placement process and will also ensure that one gets a good job before one completes his/her graduation. This will give one a head start in his/her career and save one’s precious time that would have otherwise been spent a ‘job-hunting’.



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