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How to prepare your first client meeting?

Being the fresher or being less familiar with your profession, we usually fails to impress the client on the very first meeting due to which, clients take less interest in listening you and could not build up a better relationship

There is a saying  First impressions is the last impression.

if your first impression is bang on, you will keep looking and making better and better . first client meeting plays a very important role in everyone profession. If you fails to express yourself in the very 1st meeting , then you have to pull up your ,

There are top 5 tips to prepare yourself for the first meeting ?

  1. Schedule the appointment.

Better be safe then sorry nothing makes a bad impression like missing an appointment with a prospective client. Always schedule your meeting keep a reminder in your phone, or go for google calendar, which keep on reminding you about your meetings day before your meeting.

2. Prepare your question and objectives

This clearly is a meeting that you want to have a new client to come out of the meeting , always before meeting think and prepare some  questions for the prospective so that you can asses how serious they are , what their deadlines are.

3. Show up early.

Never never never, try to come late in the meeting specially when you are going to attend the very first meeting with your very first client. It leaves bad impression of yours. Its embarrassing for them to be sitting alone waiting on you and juts plain professional.

4. Get intimate with client knowledge.

Not knowing what is going in your customers mind is a major mistake , understanding just what your client does is not enough. Try to grasp what he is saying , read him in and out.

5. Pump up the motivation.

Confidence  is essential for convincing the client , if you lacking or not able to speak you will fail to motivate him.



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