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A women carry the same rights as that of men, but the problem with every women is that they keep on complaining mens have this, we don’t have that. I believe women in countries such as England, France, America do have equal rights , however in a way they are unequal as they sometimes get treated better than men.

Women and men should have equal rights, because women and men are human beings and their rights , are the same to be protected.



Feminism has pushed the delicate equilibrium men and women. Women are never oppressed and never will be, men and women only fulfilled their roles and responsibilities in an environment of hostility without technological advances. Now that is balance is broken , it is clear that women are the favored gender in this society through affirmative action and discrimination against men. 




Women have many rights which man don’t have.

  1. Women have the right to genital integrity.

The legal fact is that infant girls are protected against genital cutting of any kind and infant boys are not. Its like cutting off a toe is okay because cutting off a foot is much worse. Ultimately women have the legal right to be protected from having their body parts sliced off. Men don’t have

2.        Women have the right to choose Parenthood.

A women may abort a child before it is born, they may surrender the child for adoption without notifying or identifying the father, women has never forced or coerced into parenthood, but they are legally allowed to force the men into financing their reproductive choices, in many states men has been legally forced in to financial responsibility for children whom they did not biological father.

3Women have the right to be assumed caregivers for children.

The legal presumption of shared parenting upon divorce- that childen have  legal right to an equal relationship with both mother and father following relationship breakdown

Men who can afford to pursue legal remedies and challenge primary custody stand a good chance of winning , because women do not have the market cornered on loving or caring of the children

So while the law does not specifically indicate the custody will be awarded to women, and women has the legal right to be assumed caregivers for children. MEN DO NOT HAVE.



All I want to say if we talk about equality , then men and women both are equally treated, men are more likely to be victim of violent crimes, assaulted, murdered , many commit suicide at a much higher rate then women. Women can get away with making fun of a man for being dark, short, fat, bald, too hairy. Men who don’t date fat chicks are often seen as PIGS. could it be the fact that there is no safety nets for men in society?.






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