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Do you Know About Emotional RAPE ?

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Do you Know About Emotional RAPE ? – A nightmare “We lived in a false relationship from the very genesis in which we were Earmarked, Abused and Betrayed. In today’s context emotional rape is very much a distinct for of verbal emotional and psychological abuse because the rapist does not simply prey on your insecurities or childhood wounds; but your higher values such as love and your sense of self-worth.  Emotional rape is the use of someone’s higher emotions, such as love, without consent.


  • These were never normal relationship which started with the source of love and then it simply went destroying the life of persons and got wrong. The psychopath is a devil who completely hides a person’s true identity and motive.
  • Emotional rape is common in many circumstances, but it is not limited to, any particular male/female relationships or bonding. Victims of emotional rape can be both men and women. Both forms of rape can be very cataclysmic and require specialized programs for recovery.
  • While in our society many forms of emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse are dependent on the dysfunctionality of the victim; which is unconditionally making it as them emotional rapists hone on a victim’s healthiest and most natural responses. Their natural desires, highest-values, and urges; while still targeting their vulnerabilities in nature.

The aftermath of emotional rape in a person which can even result to catastrophic or dreadful:

  1. Rage
  2. Obsessive thoughts
  3. Fear
  4. Anxiety
  5. Use of alcohol or drugs
  6. Irrational and extreme behaviour such as total isolation
  7. Suicide

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In terms of emotional rape, the trauma can even be severe in nature which can indeed be severe and can cause physiological help from a therapist who is familiar with such type of medical disorders involving a lack of empathy, abusive relationships and trauma which can be sever for the person in nature.

There are assorted obstacles that are encountered in recovery from emotional rape.

  1. The victim knows that something bad happened but doesn’t know what or why?
  2. In a date rape, the biggest issue is that of trust.
  3. Victims often feel that they will never be able to love or trust anyone again.
  4. To recovery, again similar with the date rape, are the re-victimization of the victim by friends, family, and society and the subsequent tendencies toward self-blame and silence about what happened during the course of time in nature.

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Emotional rape actually does not minimize sexual rape or diminish sexual rape victims; but it even formalizes the deep emotions and painful feelings of loss, isolation, denial, confusion, horror, and fear of Emotional Rape sufferer who are experiencing post-traumatic rape syndrome, and yet are moreover unaware and unobservant that there’s a name for what they are experiencing.

It is not simply being inveigle, betrayed, or being “had” but is a systematic unrevealing of the victim’s personality based upon their deepest values, hopes, and dreams; with the sadistic desire to cause irrevocable emotional or psychological harm to the victim; or to cause the victim to commit suicide.

CONCLUSION – Do you Know About Emotional RAPE ?

what basically we mean is emotional rape is not a called a physical rape its not called the rape which is mentioned in the IPC, it is something which make the person suffer mentally and emphasize him to commit suicide or quit his life, something which is called mentally handicapped permanently

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