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Fast Track Court Sends A Notice to Woman For False Allegation of Rape

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Fast Track Court of New Delhi Sends a Notice to Woman for False Allegation of Rape on Men  A fast track court from New Delhi has sent a legal notice to a woman for making a false rape accusation against a man. The court has asked the woman why she shouldn’t be punished for alleging rape when the sexual intercourse between the couple was consensual

Anu Grover Bagila of the Fast Track Court has Stated that the CCTV Footage of the incident shows the woman getting physically intimate with the man by hugging and kissing him.

As per the facts of the incident, the woman had divorced in 2007 subsequent to which she met a man on a matrimonial site. She leased an apartment for herself and her daughter under the name of the men, forging his signatures. In 2013 her landlord sent her a notice for rent due. But since the rent agreement was in the name of the accused man, she approached him for help.

The man on getting to know about the forged documents, cut ties with the woman and informed the police. In order to seek revenge for his refusal, the woman alleged that she went to his office-cum-residence for help, where he raped her. As per her contention, the Men offered her coffee, after consuming which, she fell unconscious. When she woke up, she found herself Naked and her Genitals stuffed with tissue paper.

However, as per the man’s version, which has been accepted by the court, he has stated that the woman seduced him to have intercourse with him, but later when he returned from the washroom, the woman had left, with money from his wallet. The Court has opined that strict action must be taken in instances of false rape complaints.

Article by – Ankur Singhal

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