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First Women Lawyer Appointed As Supreme Court Judge

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Indu Malhotra has beenthe First Women Lawyer Appointed As Supreme Court Judge. She has specialization in the law of Arbitration and has appeared in various Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration. In general, it is believed that arbitrator is all about to settle a dispute with help of arbitration. Whenever there is any inconvenience regarding the disputes and court by itself believes that such matter can be resolved with the help of Arbitrator then such matters are forward towards the arbitrator. arbitrator can be appointed by the parties by itself or by the court.

Indu Malhotra was specialized in this area. She is the Judge of Supreme Court. Prior, She was a Senior Counsel practicing in the same court for past 30 years. She was the second women to be designated as Senior Advocate by the Supreme Court in 2007.


She was further authored the third edition of the commentary THE LAW AND PRACTICE OF ARBITRATION AND CONCILIATION (2014)  In 2016, she became member of the HIGH-LEVEL COMMITTEE (HCL) in the Ministry of Law and Justice by the Government of the India to review Institutionalization of Arbitration Mechanism in India. Her appointment to be a Supreme Court Judge was confirmed and ordered by the Government on 26 April 2018. She is the first women to be elevated directly from the Bar.



She is also engaged in many social and Charitable work, and is a Trustee of SAVE LIFE FOUNDATION, which is a non-profit, non- governmental organisation. The objective of Save Life Foundation is to prevent road accidents and formulating a system for providing immediate post-accident response to save the lives of victims. There are more works which has been done by her for the betterment and for the development of the nation and also to maintain peace in the society and among the people.


It is well known that Indu Malhotra is First Women Lawyer Appointed As Supreme Court Judge and Specialist of Arbitration and she has been impaneled as an Arbitrator with several Institutional Arbitration bodies like INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION (ICA), DELHI INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CENTRE (DAC), etc. She has recently Authored an exhaustive and illuminating commentary on the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 published by THOMSON REUTERS. Eminent jurist has described it as legal classic on Arbitration.  By her above achievements it can be clearly understood that she is simply a role model for all upcoming Advocates and Judges. 

                                                         Article by – Shubhangi Sood

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