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Men’s Empowerment in India

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Men’s Empowerment In India “International Men’s Day” is celebrated every year on 19th of November to mark pride and respect of men. Save India family is instrumental behind the inception of Men’s Day celebration, a lesser known event not keenly observed. However, it’s gradually gaining shape and gradually building reputation across the country. This year it’s being celebrated in 25 States and 50 Cities of the Country the  Men’s Empowerment In India

Article by – Ashi Garg

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1.) “International Men’s Day” A stunner which leaves most of us with thinking hats whether such a day exists. True to its words incidentally it exists and where some are elated others are astound and many bewildered. Men’s Empowerment In India A celebration of  “Men-hood”, a thanksgiving day to the men who exist for the existence of society and establish peace and harmony. Relentless services men offers in their lifetime, recognize the hard efforts of selfless contributions made by them. It’s a reminisce of men’s rights which is inconspicuous. This is also to highlight society of its responsibilities towards men being abdicated.

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2.) The positive role of men as a family builder a pillar of society a protector and provider and his relentless services is subdued. India breeds 17.5% of the population worldwide one of the safest nation for women, although misrepresented otherwise. However, the bias in society as a whole has left Indian men to think it’s high time to empower the male fraternity to address the growing imbalance will obfuscate the position of men as a whole. i.e Men’s Empowerment In India

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3.) The denial of domestic violence on men is another feather in the cap. Where a misdemeanor is expressed as a felony for women a felony for men appears to be a misdemeanor. The canard falls flat in the weighing scale of judiciary however innocent are victimized.

Men’s Empowerment In India The sexual exploitation of men/male child has no takers either. Where a sexual violation of men cannot be challenged in the court of law as it does not have a provision, so are the cases of cruelty by wife on husband and domestic violence by women on men. Studies of women and child welfare ministry and UN both establish that sexual violation of the male child is 15% higher than the female child. 70% children fail to express their melancholy out of fear or embarrassment.

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4.) Heath issues of men are something never heard of and is awarded complete apathy. No attempt has been made to introduce a department of gender studies to identify the mortality of men. The population survey of 2011 reveals male average span of life to be of 5 years lesser than women. If  Darwin’s theory is sacrosanct, it nullifies various assumptions.

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Men’s right activists across the country observe this day as “Diwali” for Men. In present regime of enlightened activism and women empowerment, focus on human rights has been shifted to women’s right. Male role in highlighting the agony of women can never be ignored, however, here lies a catch where gender issues of women have been highlighted with utmost importance “Men’s rights” is subjugated .Men’s Empowerment In India 

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