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Acid Attack in India More then the acid attackers I have problem with the shopkeepers. By law, acid in India now can only be sold by licensed shops, the shopkeeper is required to maintain a record of the quantity sold and to whom it is sold , and also they should give the details of such sale to the local police within 3 days of the transaction. But unfortunately, this has not been executed by the shopkeepers fully due to which it becomes difficult to find out the true acid attackers and every day, hours and minutes incident of acid attack has been occurred.

Acid victims undergo daily trauma they got blinded, scared beyond recognition, the girls are forced to drop school and women are unable to carry on their jobs because of disfigurement and loss of sight. SECTION 326A AND 326B OF IPC, 1860 has been introduced




  1. ALL stocks have to be declared with the sub-divisional magistrate. Undeclared stock can be confiscate and a maximum of Rs 50,000 levied as fine.
  2. The acid attacks cases in the country has to be tried speedily , investigations must be completed with in 30 days. The I.O NEEDS MORE TIME he or she as to inform the court and only 2 extensions of 15 days to be given, if it fails to do, he or she liable for the punishment .
  3. The case has to be decided with in 90 days, unlicensed production, import, transportation, storage, sale, and use of acid can attract jail term from 3 to 10 years

4. The SUPREME COURT has directed all the public and private hospitals to provide first aid treatment free of cost to the acid victims. Survivors are supposed to get about Rs 3 lakhes as compensation from the state. But unfortunately this amount is not enough.

5. The cost of reconstructive surgeries often runs 30 lakhes . a women who has had acid thrown on her face may need 40 to 50 reconstructive surgeries if not more. The state has to set up mechanism and funds to provide for their surgeries, travel cost of victim to hospitals

6. They need to be trained for specific jobs through which they can support themselves


SECTION 326A – voluntarily causing grievous hurt by use of acid, punishment shall not be less than 10 years and fine


SECTION 326B – Voluntarily throwing or attempting to throw acid , punishment not less than 5 years may extend to 7 years with fine.



What I feel is, that the acid attackers should not only be given jail SENTENCE but also the same acid should thrown on them, that’s the biggest punishment and real justice a women and a girl can get. I wish our Indian law system becomes this much strict, the crime rate will comes to 0% in INDIA.

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