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SITUATION OF RAPE AND ITS PUNISHMENT IN INDIA well People , Society used to say this from the moment a girl born in their families that a girl is not allowed to go out at night, not allowed to do night shift at workplace, allowed to come home by 6 p.m , not allowed to go for night out with friends or boyfriend all of these things has been created by society to safe there girls from such kind off uncertainties.

Why being a girl , I have big question why ???? do problems will get solved by doing this with there girl child , do rape rate will comes to 0% by doing or creating such kind of situation, will the chance of getting rape will decrease, A BIG ANSWER IS NO .

Why in our society always a girl suffer, when she born she suffer , when she grown up she suffer, when she become adult she suffer, when she get married she suffer, why ???? just because she is a WOMEN ?

Unfortunately these humans are animals instead of finding a suitable solution for that, instead of creating such kind of valuable society, instead of teaching men’s to behave they are forcing a girl to keep yourself always down.

The worst part is now a 2 year,  8year,  5year girl is being Raped


Section – 375 of IPC, 1860

A man is said to commit “rape”” if he –

  1. Penetrates his penis, to any extent in to the vagina, mouth,urethra or anus of women or makes her to do so with him or any other person
  2. Inserts to any extent any object or a part of the body, not being the penis in to the vagina, the urethra or anus of a women oer makes her to do so with him or any other person
  3. Manipulates any part of the body of a women
  4. Applies his mouth to vagina, anus , urethra of a woman



Rigorious imprisonment shall not less than 7years, but may extend tp imrpsonemt for life, and fine.


No person shall disclose the name of the rape victim and if anybody discloses the name, he shall be punished with imprisonment not extend to 2 years and fine.


Our laws has to take strict actions against rapist , they deserve to be hanged but also the rapist penis must be cut off, and then he should be hanged this kind of action will create fear in the mind of those who make attempt to commit rape and surely the rape rate will decrease very soon and the girls can freely live there life and no girl becomes a rape victim.

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