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Top Most used Code Languages in the Court

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Top most used code languages in the court , which every one should know be it an advocate or law students or any other person who does not belong to this industry

ADP :- Assistant Director of Prosecution.
APP :- Assistant Public Prosecutor.
CC No :- Calendar Case. Number.
CJM :- Chief Judicial Magistrate.
DDP :- Deputy Director of Prosecution.
DJ :- District Judge.
DW :- Defense Witness.
FTC :- Fast Track Court.
JM :- Judicial Magistrate.
MC :- Magisterial Clerk.
NBW :- Non Bailable Warrant.
PP :- Public Prosecutor.
PRC No. :- Preliminary Registration Case Number.
PT :- Pending Trial.
PT Warrant :- Prisoner Transfer Warrant.
PW :- Prosecution Witness.
SC No. :- Sessions Case Number.
STC No :- Summary Trial Case Number.
1. CC- Calender case
2. STC- Summery trial case
3. PRC- Priliminary register case
4. SC- Sessions case
5. JC- Journial case

top most used languages in the court or Terms used in Investigation and Police Records :-
AR Copy :- Accident Register Copy.
CD :- Case Diary.
Cr.No. :- Crime Number.
FIR :- First Information Report.
FP :- Finger Print.
FR :- Final Report.
IO :- Investigation Officer.
IP :- In Patient.
LCD :- Last Case Diary.
MO :- Modus Offender.
MO :- Medical Officer.
PM :- Post Mortem.
PMC :- Post Mortem Certificate.
PNR :- Prisoner Nominal Roll.(Prison Record ).
RCS :- Referred Charge Sheet.
r/w :- Read with.
Sec. :- Section.
SOC :- Scene of Crime.
UI :- Under Investigation.
u/s :- Under Section.
WC :- Wound Certificate.
AD :- Action Dropped.
UN :- Undetected.
MF :- Mistake of Fact.
ML :- Mistake of Law.
CSR :- Community Service Register.
GCR :- Grave Crime Report or General Conviction Register.
GD :- General. Diary.
LLI :- Loose Leaf Index.
OP :- Out Post / Out Patient.
PSR :- Prisoners Search Register.
SHO :- Station House Officer.
SHR :- Station House Report.
BC :- Bad Character.
DC :- Dossier Criminal.
HO :- Habitual Offender.
HS :- History Sheet.
KD :- Known Depredator.
LFO :- Local First Offender.
LKD :- Local Known Depredator.
NLFO :- Non Local First Offender.
NLKD :- Non Local Known Depredator.
L & O :- Law and Order.
OD :- Other Duty.
PSO :- Police Standing Order / Personnel Security Officer.
ID :- Illicit Distillation.
IMFL :- Indian Made Foreign Liquor.
IMFS :- Indian Made Foreign Sprit.
GSE :- Good Service Entry.
MSE :- Meritorious Service Entry.

Case Type Description

DC Special Leave Petition (Civil)

SR Special Leave Petition (Criminal)

WC Writ Petition (Civil)
WR Writ Petition(Criminal)
AC Appeal Civil
AR Appeal Criminal
TC Transfer Petition (Civil)

Top most used Code Languages in the Court

TR Transfer Petition (Criminal)
RC Review Petition (Civil)
RR Review Petition (Criminal)
OC Original Suit
NC Transfer Case (Civil)
NR Transfer Case (Criminal)
BC Writ Petition (Civil)…
BR Writ Petition (Criminal)…
PC SLP (Civil) CC No.

PR SLP (Criminal) CRLMP No.

MC Motion Case(Civil)
MR Motion Case(Crl.)
CC Contempt Petition (Civil)

CR Contempt Petition (Criminal)
XC Tax Reference Case
LC Special Reference Case
EC Election Petition (Civil)
QC Curative Petition(Civil)
QR Curative Petition(Criminal)
FC Arbitration Petition
RA REF. U/A 317(1)
DR Death Ref. Case(Criminal)
DCD Special Leave Petition (Civil) D. No.[D=Diary]
SRD Special Leave Petition (Criminal) D. No.
WCD Writ Petition (Civil) D. No.
WRD Writ Petition(Criminal) D. No.
ACD Appeal Civil D. No.
ARD Appeal Criminal D. No.
TCD Transfer Petition (Civil) D. No.
TRD Transfer Petition (Criminal) D. No.
RCD Review Petition (Civil) D. No.
RRD Review Petition (Criminal) D. No.
OCD Original Suit D. No.
NCD Transfer Case (Civil) D. No.
NRD Transfer Case (Criminal) D. No.
BCD Writ Petition (Civil)… D. No.
BRD Writ Petition (Criminal)… D. No.
PCD SLP (Civil) CC No. D. No.
PRD SLP (Criminal) CRLMP D. No.
MCD Motion Case(Civil) D. No.
MRD Motion Case(Crl.) D. No.
CCD Contempt Petition (Civil) D. No.
CRD Contempt Petition (Criminal) D. No.
XCD Tax Reference Case D. No.
LCD Special Reference Case D. No.
ECD Election Petition (Civil) D. No.
QCD Curative Petition(Civil) D. No.
QRD Curative Petition(Criminal) D. No.
FCD Arbitration Petition D. No.
RAD REF. U/A 317(1) D.y No.
DRD Death Ref. Case(Criminal) D. No. So here are the Top most used Code Languages in the Court

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