ADVOCLING aim is to connect lawyers across India and build strong relationship between them for the betterment of legal fraternity. Advocling has launched its online platform to lend a helping hand to fresh law graduates , lawyers in our versatile legal profession has taken some innovative steps in order to build a bridge between the client and the advocates and the distance between the clients, new generation lawyers and highly experienced lawyers can be reduced to solve Omnifarous problems in the legal field and remove the bridge between the newly enrolled lawyers and highly experienced one. We wish to get some practical experience and knowledge from our seniors who have excelled in their field after long years of their hard work and provide guidance to new advocates and encourage them to excel and follow their foot-steps.

We are not a law firm, do not provide any legal services, legal advice or “Lawyer referral services” and do not provide or participate in any legal representation.

Expert Legal advice & help – When and How you need it.

ADVOCLING lists Top Rated Legal Experts in the country to help you get practical Legal Advice & Drafting to your specified legal document . We have experts across criminal defence, property dispute, family issues, corporate law, IPR & 50 other areas of expertise. Our listed Lawyers have practice across 800 cities, and 1000 courts across India, to help provide you the required advice & representation for your legal issues and cases.

Detailed Profiles for every listed Lawyer.

We believe that the right information helps you make better decisions. At ADVOCLING we provide you with detailed information on Lawyers, their areas of expertise, and their experience so that you can make the choices that are right for you, not just this we are providing you the legal draftsmen on just one click along with the special feature of clients and lawyer E-DIARY.

How it works?

The process is very simple and streamlined , the ADVOCLING APP based on Three verticals. COMING SOON


  1. Select the specified lawyer on the basis of Specialization, Experience , Type of law and type of court.
  2. After selecting the Specified lawyer, recharge your plan on the basis of Experience and as per the availability of the lawyer.
  3. Enjoy the in APP Calling within the 100 km radius and rate our lawyer on the basis of your experience, Take immediate assistance without wastage of time.


  1. Keep your case updates and set reminder on every date or document you want to have in the next hearing.
  2. Tell your lawyer to share your case records with you by signing in ADVOCLING APP.
  3. Case can be share by lawyer with you only through a unique code generated by your lawyer.
  4. You can save and edit the case record as per your need and can set reminder for future.


  1. The process is very simple select the specified Legal Draftsmen on the basis of Experience, Specialization and Cost per draft.
  2. Fill the form as per your Requirements.
  3. Case description and type of legal document is a  mandatory field.


We are promoting Digital India by bringing the whole legal system and it’s problem on digital platform. We wish to succeed by solving the problems of every single person in the legal field by making the solution of it digitally.


World First Integrated App Based Solution to Omnifarious Problems in the Legal Field. COMING SOON