Top 5 Facts You Must Know Before Applying for Law.

Top 5 Facts You Must Know Before Applying for Law.

The first generation student in this field; lacked guidance related to getting into the best law school. Appeared for CLAT twice but could not get into NLUs. Tried  luck for the last and third time after completing there graduation and finally they cracked DU Entrance this time. Nevertheless, they look back and think about what I wish I knew when I appeared for the first time. Let me share my list, in no particular order, Top 5 Facts You Must Know Before Applying for Law based upon students own personal experience.

  1. Importance of Mocks

if one is solving only mocks and doing proper analysis afterwards followed with working on mistakes then for sure one will be happy to see your result. Every day from day one solve at least one mock and analyze it thoroughly. Before you open your books give 4 to 5 mocks by doing this picture will be in clear in your mind with regard to time allocation to each subject. When you know where your weaknesses lie, devoting more time to it would eventually resolve the issue. Your preparation is incomplete till the time you do not give your time to mocks.


  1. Work on your weaknesses

Everybody has particular qualities and everybody has particular shortcomings. It’s truly sure that in the event that you are not clear on your shortcomings, then you are not clear on your qualities either. Playing to your strengths and cruising through the weaknesses is the best exam technique you can wager on.


  1. Self Study

One of the misconception is attending coaching classes are enough to crack any entrance exam. Please do not get trapped in this misconception. Till the time you will not give your time for self study it’s next to impossible that success will come to you. It’s not mandatory to take coaching’s if you are studying sincerely as well as smartly. When you prepare for an exam through self studies, there are greater chances that you will concentrate on those aspects and subjects which you think are problematic areas for you.


  1. Newspaper is not enough

Yes, newspaper reading is not enough to score good marks in current affairs section as you need to know the base of the news as well. Subscribe to any monthly or weekly magazine as well as to You tube channels related to current affairs. As this section consumes minimum time and has maximum weightage so prepare well.


  1. Only Crash Course won’t work

The main purpose of crash course is to give overview of the whole course within a short span of time. You cannot expect much from these courses, as proffs.  are supposed to summaries the syllabus within a short period of 1 month or even less than that  . These courses are useful only when you are having complete idea about the exam and you just need to brush up your concepts.

Article by – Ruchika Khurana




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