Advocling means Advo – ADVOCATE and Cling means CLIENTS. It’s main motive is to connect lawyers and to build a bridge between lawyer and client. If we talk about the struggle of a fresher or a newly enrolled advocate then  its not easy to survive in the field of law specially in litigation & practice . Internships , even after enrollment make no sense until and unless you practice on your own and getting the clients at the initial stage is not an easy task. If we talk about the law Student , a student who does not have the law background finds it difficult to survive due to lack of contacts or may be due nobody being in law field in his or her family. In court ,  if you forget any single document in the hearing not just from advocate part but also from the client your case may go longer then you expect. This is the harsh reality which we as lawyers and clients are facing since so long.





After understanding and highlighting the reality of law field ,  we decided to come up with a solution concept . Advocling has come up with the unique Mobile application for the welfare of  lawyers and general public. Application works on three Verticals :


• E-Diary for Lawyers and Client (maintain your case records and appointment record in Mobile itself ) . This will eliminate the need of physical diary .

• Assistance on App to App Call ( lawyers to lawyers ,lawyers to general public/Clients within 100km Radius). It includes 600 District courts, 25 High courts and supreme court with Experience and Specialization category of lawyer listed in the app

• Legal Draftsman i.e Drafting ( Get your document drafted on just one click without wastage of time, be it a legal Notice, complaint etc select the legal draftsmen of your choice)


Advocling is an online platform For the Lawyers from all over India –

1. Enhance their Specialisation, Experience and Knowledge by allowing them to give the meaningful Assistance.
2. They will not suffer from not getting the fees from the client with the instant payment made through Advocling mobile application. This is the problem of every third lawyer of not getting the fees from the client on time.
3. No fresher or newly enrolled will suffer. They often commit suicide because they don’t get from this field what they expect in monetary way. Everyone say that you must need a 10 yrs experience to settle down in this profession.
4. There is a Possibilty that some lawyer is not good in practice but he/she is excellent in the drafting. Advocling is here to take your drafting skills to next level.
5. In this noble profession, even a lawyer with great experience is not called a perfect lawyer. The word perfect lawyer doesn’t exist in the law dictionary. Lawyer sometimes needs legal advice to settle a case because he might not be good in it ,in which the other lawyer might be. Advocling provides the platform to our young lawyers to connect with each other, help each other and work for the betterment of the client .
6. Get paid for giving assistance on App.

Advocling is an online platform for a person /clients/law seekers / lawyers

1. Now a days every person wants to settle his/her matter outside the court and prefers to take advice and fulfill it without going in to court. This will not only save money but also save time.
2. Speedy disposal of case is the basic and major aim of the client. Advocling focuses to provide the platform to the clients to settle there disputes and save there time and energy and get the things sorted by taking valuable legal advice from the experienced lawyers in this application.
3. There are various reasons due to which his/her case may take longer time to settle than he/she expects due to – not submitting the valid documents , forgetting to appear or forgetting to bring the document which judge demand in the previous hearing. Advocling solves it with ease.
4. Advocling is a platform which helps in   client’s speedy disposal of dispute by taking a valuable advice on just one click .
5. The most important thing which matters in the law is a good drafting . Advocling is here that makes it feasible for you to get your legal document get drafted in  just one click.

Advocling is an online platform for Draftmen as well.

1. Not every lawyer is good in practice and not every lawyer is good in drafting or both.
2. A lawyer may hesitate to present himself in the case due to lack of experience or lack of knowledge but may be on the other had he might be excellent in drafting the legal documents.
3. Most of the time a draftmen may be considered a typist for a lawyer and he may not able to make his own identity in this field. Advocling resolves this with ease .
4. Advocling is here to give the draftmen an identity to excel themselves in this noble profession as a draftmen.



App to App Call within 100km Radius , Diary Maintenance for Lawyers and Clients , Online Document Drafting











World First Integrated App Based Solution to Omnifarious Problems in the Legal Field. COMING SOON