ADVOCLING Mobile app launch event at IIC (2nd December, 2018)

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About Advocling Unique Mobile Application

The unique Mobile application launched on 2.12.2018 at India International Centre in which various famous dignitaries enlighten the event with there presence the app will be available for download on 15th December,2018 . The Event was a Massive Hit , the inaugural ceremony of App launch make people aware about the various problems in the legal field. Therefore on the basis of real legal problems face by the lawyers , law students and clients. Advocling has come up with the unique Mobile application for the welfare of the lawyers and general public. Application work on three verticals.

  • E-Diary for lawyers and client (maintain your case records and appointment record electronically)
  • Assistance on App to App Call ( lawyers to lawyers , lawyers to general public or law seekers within 100km Radius)
  • Legal Draftsman I.e Drafting ( Get your document drafted on just one click without wastage of time)

Omnifarious Problems in the Legal Field
It is a platform where a lawyer practicing in a field wishes to enter into a different field of practice due to receiving a new brief from a client. or similarly looking for a lawyer in some different state or city but due to lack of connection couldn’t find one. References do not always work ,it might be costly, it might not be very fruitful and not be able to meet the desired level of expectations. In legal field contacts and connection play a very important role,not always  a layman needs assistance , a lawyer also need assistance so this app plays a vital role in getting the right knowledgeable person to take assistance from. Advocling App is providing you the platform to overcome the professional obstacles and hurdles.

Advocling is not just connecting attorneys it has feature of E-diary, Drafting (lawyer always suffer the tantrums of the typist and couldn’t get some better option to switch to some other draftsman) With this feature you can get the draftsman to and Get your case drafted. It will also help advocates to save their precious time.

The main Motive of coming up with this app is to solve Omniferous problems in the legal field and remove the bridge between the newly enrolled lawyers and highly experienced one.we wish to get some practical experience and knowledge from our seniors who have excelled in their field after long years of their hard work and provide guidance to new advocates and encourage them to excel and follow their foot-steps. We are promoting Digital India by bringing the whole legal system and it’s problem on digital platform. We wish to succeed by solving the problems of every single person who face in the legal field digitally.


World First Integrated App Based Solution to Omnifarious Problems in the Legal Field. COMING SOON