1) Hi, is the money added for taking assistance is refundable?

Hi, dear user no the amount is not refundable that’s why the per minute charges are mentioned, you can estimate your time period as per your query and can add amount on such estimation and enjoy the app to app call assistance

2) When will I get that money which has been made by giving assistance ?

Hi, dear user the money will be transferred on 10th of every month in your secure account.

3) Is the payment method mentioned is secure?

Hi dear user, yes it’s completely secure

4) How do I know that I missed the call from the user?

Hi dear user, the notification will be send to you which mentioned the how many times you missed the called.

5) Hi ,How can I use the case record feature?

Hi dear user, you can use the diary feature only when your specified lawyer share such case record of yours with you by sharing a unique code and you can save and make edit as per your requirement.

6) that the notification sent as reminder on such cases and appointment?

Hi dear user, yes the notification will be sent to you on every date mentioned by you.

7) If the lawyer missed the call , is that our amount will be deducted for the assistance?

No if the call is busy or it wasn’t picked by the specified lawyer ,no such amount will be deducted it will remain in your account and you can use for the future calls.

8) The listing of courts and specialization is it fixed or we can demand separately other the categories mentioned?

Hi, yes you can if non of the category match your expectations , you can contacts us and sen your query and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

9) Hi, being a lawyer can we sign in as user too and can we access services as user?
Hi, yes you can enjoy the services as this app is for lawyer to lawyer and user to lawyer.