HOW IT WORKS – Lawyers


The Lawyers sign up is divided in to 4 mandatory parts

  • Basic information (name, location etc )
  • Lawyers necessary fields (enrollment no, experience, specialization etc)
  • Bank Information i.e you are being paid for your services
  • Document attachment**

**For verification and Approval of your Specified Profile this field is mandatory ,your profile cannot be verified without this.


  1. Keep your case updates and Appointments and set reminder on every date or document you want to have in the next hearing.
  2. Case can be share by you only through a unique code generated by you with your client.
  3. You can save and edit the case record and appointment as per your need and can set reminder for future.
  4. The listing of cases and appointment shall be visible to you everyday by clicking on mentioned dates in calendar.


  1. Your Sign up details will be automatically generated and shown as your professional profile on legal assistance
  2. The call received by you is an in App call, you will receive the notification of the call when you are online or if missed the call during offline, notification will be delivered to you regarding the same.
  3. You will be given star rating per Call by the Client to you, once the conversation ends on the App to App Call.


  1. Your Sign up details will be automatically generated and shown as your professional profile on legal assistance as well as in drafting.
  2. The only thing you have to re-edit in your profile is the per draft cost.
  3. The contact form is attached with your specified profile through which the client can fill the contact form and the details for the same will be automatically sent to your in App mentioned Email id.


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  • The information provided on the site is of a general nature regarding the law. The readers are advised not to act upon this general information. Please take further and appropriate advice based on the facts of your case from The Indian Lawyer by logging a query.
  • The Indian Lawyer disclaims its liability for any adverse acts taken by the readers based on the general information provided by the site.