“Advocling is an online platform commenced with the purpose of connecting lawyers from all over India. We are working towards becoming an integral part of law fraternity and contributing tremendously to this law Profession . We want to further Raise the Noble standards of this holy Profession . We have invented Advocling with intent to help the Clients and Advocates alike and decrease their discomfort while dealing with the matters of law”

Vrinda Matta CEO and Founder



“Advocling has a very strong vision in the coming future. Advocling aim is to provide beneficial services to all the lawyers from all over India for the betterment of legal Fraternity , and Serving Legal services to the general public, who is in need of a fruitful assistance for their better Future.”

Saurabh Gautam -Co-Founder

Advocling main aim is to explore the people who belong to law field , connect with them and build relations for there welfare. Advocling carrys a transparent relationship with all there attorneys , We are working and leading towards becoming the best platform for the people from the legal field to connect and build each other.

Ashish Chaudhary – Head and Associate Partner.


World First Integrated App Based Solution to Omnifarious Problems in the Legal Field. COMING SOON