Top 10 Demands Raised by the Lawyers.

Top 10 Demands Raised by the Lawyers on Nationwide Lawyers Agitation on February 12

  1. Insurance cover upto Rs 20 lakh for lawyers and their families (dependants) Mediclaim.
  2. Free medical treatment of every type of disease in best hospitals of India and other countries (if needed) for the advocates.
  3. Lawyers should be provided a special card for this purpose to be able to avail the benefit of the scheme anytime, anywhere.
  4. Stipend (minimum Rs 10,000 per month) for needy new entrants at the Bar upto 5 years of their practice.
  5. Scheme for pension for old/indigent advocates and provision for family pension in case of untimely death of advocates (minimum Rs 50,000). Advocates Protection Act to be enacted.
  6. All the bar associations of the country should have adequate building/accommodation/sitting facilities with well-equipped libraries, e-libraries, toilets etc., and facilities for lady advocates. Interest-free housing loans, loans for library, vehicle for needy advocates.
  7. Government should acquire land at cheaper rates for housing of advocates. Legal Service Authority Act – Amendments and necessary changes should be made in the Act so that functions under this Act could be discharged by the Lawyers (and not the judges or judicial officers only.
  8. All the Acts (which provide for appointment of retired judges/ judicial officers as the presiding officers/ members of different tribunals, Commissions or Forums should be amended so that competent advocates (and not only judges) could also be appointed on these places.
  9. In case of untimely death of any advocate (below 65 years of age) due to accident, murder, any disease, the government should grant the family/ dependants at least a sum of Rs 50 lakh.
  10. Further, the minutes of the joint meeting, held on February 2, recorded the anguish expressed by those present, over the government’s alleged attempts to throttle democratic institutions, such as MCI. The members also expressed their disapproval with the “frequent criticism of the judiciary and judges of apex court by some lawyers and few other people with vested interests”.

Furthermore, the minutes appealed to the Executive Committee and members of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) to “consider the pitiable conditions of the lawyers of the country” and support the cause. This was after several representatives of different State Bar Councils and High Court Bar Associations claimed that the SCBA does not usually participate in such agitations. The resolution also attached a draft resolution to be passed by the State Bar Councils and the Bar Associations on or before February 12th, supporting the letter addressed to the PMO. It added that the demonstration to be held on February 12 would begin from the High Court premises to the respective Governor Houses. The lawyers are expected to be in their full dresses during the protest.